Water Based Fighter



  • Axl Low from Guilty Gear
  • Hazama from Blazblue Continuum Shift
  • Rock Howard from Garou : Mark of the Wolves
  • Iori Yagami from King of Fighters
  • Yuri Sakazaki from Art of Fighting
  • Captain Kidd from World Heroes 2 Jet
  • Johnny from Guilty Gear
  • Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur 2


Quick Movelist

Command Normals

Special Moves

Serpent's Benediction 236 + Any%20Kick
Mist Finer (Mid) A
  • *
Push 6 + Any%20Punch
  • *
Pull 4 + Any%20Punch
* Falling Fang B
* Mist Finer (High) C
  • *
Push 6 + Any%20Punch
  • *
Pull 4 + Any%20Punch
* Stance Cancel D
Hard Edge 214 + Any%20Punch
Electric Blast 623 + Any%20Punch, Any%20Punch repeatedly.
Serpent's Embrace 214 + Any%20Kick
* Scum Gale 4 + A
* Snake Fang 4 + B
* Tornado Hook 4 + C
* Stance Cancel 4 + D
<EX> Serpent's Benediction 236 + BD
* RC Rensengeki (Forwards) A
* Bandit Bringer B
* RC Rensengeki (Up-Forwards) C
* Boost Cancel D
<EX> High Angle Geyser 214 + Any%20Punch

Boost Power AB Ocean Flow

Tosses a fireball forwards at the opponent. Without charging, the attack goes almost nowhere but gets 1 hit. Charging adds time to the projectile's duration and grants extra hits, up to 5 at maximum. When done on the ground it becomes a ground-travelling fireball with a high hitbox, and in air is a semi-standard down-forwards projectile. Both versions are somewhat slow and thus can be useful in trapping the opponent. Throwing animation itself can hit close-ranged targets and can combo into the projectile itself every time.

Transformation Additions

In addition to the basic capabilities : Hunter Chains & +1 Air Action, this character gains

  • Increased regeneration speed
  • Increased defense
  • All normals and specials gain an extra hit, but do the same amount of damage as before.
Suppressing Restrict Transformed, 22 + Any%20Punch
Pretty Dance Transformed, 632146 + Any%20Punch
* Summon Suffering With Precise Timing, 623 + Any%20Kick
<EX> ES Supressing Restrict Transformed, 22 + AC


[DM] Myriad Arrows 236236 + Any%20Punch
[DM] Water Jail 214214 + Any%20Kick
[LIMIT] ??? ???

Detailed Movelist

Character-Specific Thoughts

Transformation Fighter Ideas
Acid Air Crystal Death Earth Fire Force Ice Lava Life Light
Lightning Metal Mist Nature Ooze Shadow Sound Space Time Void Water
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