Space Based Fighter



  • Demitri Maximoff from Darkstalkers
  • Pyron from Darkstalkers
  • Moriya from The Last Blade
  • Kuroko Shirai from Dengeki Fighting Climax Ignition
  • Wolverine from X-Men : Children of the Atom
  • Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers


Quick Movelist

Command Normals

Special Moves

Steel Darts 236 + (Hold) Any%20Punch (, Release)
Bat Spin 214 + Any%20Kick (Also In Air)
Glancing Blade New Moon 623 + Any%20Punch
* Glancing Blade Full Moon From A Version, 623 + C
Berserker Slash 214 + Any%20Punch
<EX> Maragi 236 + AC
<EX> ES Orbital Blaze 214 + BD (Also In Air)

Boost Power AB Moment of Clarity

Poses for a moment with Hyper Armor (1 hit) that can either counter High strikes (AB) or Low strikes (2 + AB). As it recovers, the character gives them a one-time 30% boost to the next attack done.

Transformation Additions

In addition to the basic capabilities : Hunter Chains & +1 Air Action, this character gains

  • Increased defense
  • Increased chip damage on attacks.
  • Teleport effects. Normal dashes and airdashes become short-ranged teleports, special moves that teleport the character can "home in" to opponents within their range, fireball homes in on the opponent the whole time it is being held. Appearing behind the opponent causes you to auto-face them.
Aerial Stun Edge Transformed, In Air, 236 + Any%20Punch
Teleport Transformed, 2 2 + Any%20Punch or Any%20Kick
<EX> Aerial Charged Stun Edge Transformed, In Air, 236 + A C

Super Moves

[DM] Lightning Illusion 236236 + Any%20Punch (Also In Air)
[DM] Shinryuuken 236236 + Any%20Kick
[LIMIT] Darkness Illusion AA6BC (Also In Air)

Detailed Movelist

Character-Specific Thoughts

Transformation Fighter Ideas
Acid Air Crystal Death Earth Fire Force Ice Lava Life Light
Lightning Metal Mist Nature Ooze Shadow Sound Space Time Void Water
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