Lightning Based Fighter


  • Base : Street Fighter Fei Long
  • Element : Lightning
  • Summon : Raiju (Image)
  • Weapon : Tonfa


  • Chris from King of Fighters
  • Woodrow (Garr) Kelvin from Tales of Destiny
  • Adon from Street Fighter Alpha
  • Zero from Marvel Vs Capcom
  • Ashley from Battle Fantasia
  • Kim Dong Hwan from Garou : Mark of the Wolves
  • Chipp Zanuff from Guilty Gear
  • Akane Inuwaka from Arcana Hearts
  • Michael Roa Valdamjong from Melty Blood


Quick Movelist

Command Normals

Special Moves

Slide Touch 236 + A
Shooting Dancer… 236 + C
* Thrust 6 + B
* Slide Touch Second 6 + Any%20Punch
* Step 6 + D
Raimei Zan 214 + Any%20Kick (Also In Air)
Shoryuudan 623 + Any%20Punch
Scramble Dash 236 + Any%20Kick (Also In Air)
<EX> Alpha Blade 236 + AC
<EX> Zetsuei 214 + BD (Also In Air)

Boost Power : AB Endless Energy

Poses for a moment, surrounding the user with an aura of electricity that they absorb. Every time this animation is completed the user gains 1 Energy Charge, which they can use to cancel special moves or EX moves freely into other special moves. At base this character can hold up to 2 charges.

Transformation Additions

In addition to the basic capabilities : Hunter Chains & +1 Air Action, this character gains

  • Normal attacks can now chip
  • Can hold an additional +3 charges (up to 5 Max)
  • Generates 1 charge every 3 seconds.
Lightning Strike Transformed, 214 + Any%20Punch
Sentsuizan Transformed, In Air, 236 + Any%20Punch
Harai Transformed, 421 + Any%20Kick
<EX> Raikousen Transformed, In Air, 236 + A C
<EX> SP Harai Transformed, 421 + BD


[DM] Thunder Break 214214 + Any%20Punch
[DM] Grand Rafale (modified) 236236 + Any%20Kick
[LIMIT] Tenchi Haohken (modified) 632146 + Hold( C D), Release
[SP LIMIT] Lightning Awakening Be KOed with No Miracles, 100% Cool and 100% Rage

Either you are ON the road to GLORY or you are hoping for One more shot at greatness.

Detailed Movelist

Character-Specific Thoughts

Transformation Fighter Ideas
Acid Air Crystal Death Earth Fire Force Ice Lava Life Light
Lightning Metal Mist Nature Ooze Shadow Sound Space Time Void Water
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