Lava Based Fighter



  • Grant from Garou: Mark of the Wolves
  • Karin Kanzuki from Street Fighter
  • Vulcano Rosso from Street Fighter EX
  • Takuma Sakazaki from Art of Fighting
  • Silver from Buriki One
  • Neva from Wonderful World
  • Ralf Jones from King of Fighters
  • Blue Mary from Fatal Fury


Quick Movelist

Command Normals

Messhou Hisetsu In Air, 3 + Any%20Kick

Special Moves

Hien Shippukyaku Charge 4, 6 + Any%20Kick
Vulcan Punch Tap Any%20Punch Repeatedly (4 inputs)
Kyou Choujin Charge 2, 8 + Any%20Punch
Ooichou Nage When Close, 63214 + Any%20Punch
<EX> Comet Buster Charge 4, 6 + BD
<EX> Vulcanus 214 + A C

Boost Power AB Heat Metal

Punches forwards with an open palm, which does decent damage and causes crumple stun on counterhit. This attack can be charged by holding the buttons, in which case damage and the hitbox size are both greatly increased. When fully charged this attack becomes unblockable. Extremely short ranged at base, but also negates any projectiles that are in the attack area. Can be done in the air, and the aerial version slows his fall while charging, and blows him a fair distance back when the attack completes. Grounded versions cause crumple stun on counterhit, and wallbounce when charged. Air version can also be used as a followup while landing from Kyou Choujin.

Transformation Additions

In addition to the basic capabilities : Hunter Chains & +1 Air Action, this character gains

  • Increased HP regeneration speed
  • Boost gains an extra hit per charge level & a wider hit radius.
  • Increased attack damage.
Ascension Trap Transformed, 623 + Any%20Punch
Aerial Raiouken Transformed, In Air, 214 + Any%20Punch
<EX> Power Geyser Transformed, 623 + A C


[DM] Bunker Buster 236236 + Any%20Punch
[DM] Mary Escalation 236236 + Any%20Kick
* M. Dynamite Swing During Boost, AB
[LIMIT] "Burning Cage Match" 632146 + CD

GET IN THE RING~! *explodes*

Detailed Movelist

Character-Specific Thoughts

Transformation Fighter Ideas
Acid Air Crystal Death Earth Fire Force Ice Lava Life Light
Lightning Metal Mist Nature Ooze Shadow Sound Space Time Void Water
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