Gunner's Heaven RP

Basic History

Rumor has it that a thousand years ago a race of evil beings known simply as the Metal Demons came to Filgaia and made war upon the land. Their goal was apparently nothing less than the utter destruction of the world, and they bent their entire frightening power to this end. The various nations of the world, realizing that they had an enemy that was unspeakably horrifying, bent their will towards creating the ultimate weapon for use against the Metal Demons. After fifty years of pointless struggle, they created something beautiful and terrifying in its capacity…

They created the Argetlahm. The Argetlahm is said by many to focus the powers of the sun, sky, and even the formidable strength loaned to humanity by the Gods themselves to create a sword of rainbows of shimmering power. This sword, deemed the Ultimate Power by all who helped to birth it, was used in a fierce and desperate battle to finally eradicate the leader of the Demon race. The skies cracked from the battle, the seas burned, and in the end the human race emerged victorious… but at a heavy price. The power of the sword was such that it created the vast Eastern Desert in one fell swoop, leaving the land itself scarred and barren for generations to come. The Guardians themselves withdrew from the world, their incredible efforts taxing even such godlike beings. And the Elw, the people most in tune with the land, suffered most. The few of them that survived the horrific conflict were few in number, and even those were sickening and dying as the poisoned air and land did, suffering terribly for their sacrifice….

In the end, the world would never truly be the same again, and the few humans and Elw that survived the conflict cursed the very skies that bore the Metal Demons into the world. The ancient civilzations were lost, burned to the ground in the conflict or rendered unlivable by its aftermath. Still, humanity has survived.

Crest Magic

The native type of magic is Crest magic, which presumably predates the conflict that nearly destroyed the world. Crests, the foundations of the style, are essentially small drawings that give power over a specific element of the world. Crest magic is often linked with the worship of the Guardians, and as such many hold that the crests were passed down directly from Glaive Le Gable himself, blessing humanity with a small amount of the powers of the Guardians themselves. However you look at it, the power of an accomplished Crest Mage to heal wounds, protect the common people with their blessings, and to destroy Demons with bursts of flame is not to be taken lightly.

It takes years of training for most accomplished Crest Mages to develop their powers to the point where they can literally draw these symbols of power on the very air itself. As for the rest of us, that aren't grandmasters of this ancient art, there are Crest Graphs, specially prepared pieces of paper that are designed so that any level of mage can draw upon the powers of the Crests at will. However, the powers of Crest Graphs areusually limited by the particular materials used to create the paper that these are written on. It is said that the royal family of Adelhyde has passed down a "perfect" set of Crest Graphs through the generations of their line, Graphs that are so well designed that they have survived years of turmoil and hard use. The rest of the world, however, has to make do with Crest Graphs of a lesser quality, usually allowing one or two uses of the paper before they expire.

Several qualities of Crest Graphs exist in the world, usually allowing 1-3 uses of a crest inscribed on them before the graph is destroyed, and they come in many interesting and unusual forms. One of the most popular Crest Graph forms of the present day are the Wandering Eights, a set of Graphs that also double as playing cards when not being used. However, this form may be slipping in popularity due to a few "accidental" fires started by someone drawing a Full House during a poker game….


Although much of the wisdom of the ancients has been lost to the war and the ravages of time, some mysterious and important artifacts still survive even to this day. Their powers seem almost miraculous, doing things that even accomplished mages find difficult reliably and without any visible threads of magic. These items, relics from a bygone era, are known as ARMS, short for Ancient Relic Machines. The most commonly found of these are clearly weapons of war, but even their manner of operation is a mystery to normal men and women. Even the ARMS Meisters, a cabal of inventors and scientists dedicated towards the research of relics and ancient lore, are often stumped by the workings of these machines, which range from small and unusual things like an automatic bread-cooking device to things INFINITELY more dangerous. The weapons, at least, are nominally well-researched, but even these seem to be… erratic.

ARMS are seen by the learned as fickle things, to put it mildly. An ARM seems to have a strange set of parameters as to whom it will work for and whom it won't. It is thought that perhaps many of these weapons, made for a battle far more vicious than a small town brawl, are somehow… judging their weilders. Some ARMS Meisters would normally laugh this off as pure supersition, but its a simple fact that some people are simply incapable of using any ARM, no matter what its purpose. Depending on how well a person resonates with an ARM, they may be able to use just a fraction of its abilities or all of its unique powers.

However, just because the average ARM is a weapon doesn't mean that these are all the forms ARMS have taken over the years. Some claim to have found various shields made of pure light over the course of the ages. Others even claim that monsters the size of whole towns may very well be ARMS technology. And this, in effect, brings us to the popular view of ARMS : Namely, ARMS are a dangerous power that may very well have been capable of destroying the world in the wrong hands. ARMS gone amuck have raged across the countryside and destroyed lives and homes as if some great punishment from the Guardians themselves. Because of this, in many small towns across Filgaia, ARMS are a dangerous, devilish power that can do enormous good… or bring ruin to all that covet them.


  • Wild ARMS 1's general themes
  • Crest Magic based on Wild ARMS TV:
  • Potential systems :
    • True20 System: Would have players create approximately Lv 3 or so characters, would be easy enough for me to run, the basic system for Adepts meshes moderately well with thoughts on Crest magic. However, Its d20-based, and I would still require rules for ARMs.
    • BESM : Because BESM tries so hard and works well enough. I'd still need to find an acceptable starting template for ARMs, though.
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