Earth Based Fighter



  • Troll from Chaos Breaker (Dark Awake)
  • Q from Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike
  • Boxer (Balrog) from Street Fighter
  • Fritz from Akatsuki Blitzkampf
  • Yamazaki from Fatal Fury
  • Face from Battle Fantasia
  • Hulk from Marvel Super Heroes
  • Labrys from Persona 4 Arena
  • Sentinel from X-Men: Children of the Atom
  • Spencer from Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • King Lion from Kizuna Encounter
  • Zero from Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Mayor Mike Haggar from Marvel vs Capcom 3


Quick Movelist

Command Normals

Special Moves

Earth Chopper Charge 4, 6 + Any%20Punch
Tiger Knee Charge 4, 6 + Any%20Kick
Hoodlum Launcher When Close, 63214 + Any%20Punch
Bull Horn Hold Any%20Kick for 1+ seconds, Release
<EX> Gamma Tsunami Charge 4, 6 + AC
<EX> Texas Knee + 4, 6 + BD

Boost Power : AB Rampage

Poses for a moment, and when the animation finishes, gains a temporary boost to walkspeed and the Hyper Armor property in neutral state or Super Armor (1 hit) in other states. Boost only lasts for 8 seconds.

Transformation Additions

In addition to the basic capabilities : Hunter Chains & +1 Air Action, this character gains

  • Increased attack damage on Normal & Special attacks.
  • Increased defense
  • Increased regeneration speed
  • Boost grants Hyper Armor (infinite) to all states.
Survival Knife Transformed, Hold Any%20Punch for 1+ seconds, Release (Different Standing vs Crouching) (Also In Air)
Guillotine Aerial Transformed, In Air214 + Any%20Kick
<EX> Reflex Roar Transformed, 641236 + AC (Also In Air)


[DM] Guillotine 214214 + Any%20Kick
[DM] Bionic Arm 236236 + Any%20Punch
[LIMIT] SUNCRUSHER Tenshou Bakushingeki 23663214 + CD

Surely, you too can learn to Crush the Sun

Detailed Movelist

Character-Specific Thoughts

Okay, this is a character that took a fairly circuitous path from creation. I'd already made both a Balrog (Boxer) and indirectly a more speedy Boxer archetype in the past, but when making this character I started out with a goal of making something fulfills Boxer's goals a little more directly. And then I had the most horrible problem of figuring out what EXACTLY to do with even basic things like EX moves. This prompted numerous small attempts and revisions in a vain attempt to make something fit the mold. but little really satisfied me much. Working from the idea of starting with Street Fighter's Q got me at least a little further, but still ended up with a character whose EX moves ended up feeling… same-y. After a while I ended up watching a few videos of Chaos Breaker's Troll doing his kind of aptly named thing and it finally hit me : Despite the odd fighting style, Troll fulfilled a lot of what I was going for, and got my brain moving in a different direction by reminding me what COULD be done with things like Boxer's Turn Punch.

In the end, though, the moveset that I finally settled on ended up looking very little like Boxer, but Birdie (in his SFA state) works much better as a potential base character to work from.

  • Earth Chopper is the basis of a lot of the revisions. Originally this Birdie design was intended to be more of an odd take on Akatsuki Blitzkampf's Fritz, so that is the direct basis for this move. The character rears back, holding his axe up high, and then comes down with an absolutely MASSIVE single-hit slash. Light version hits mid and still has range that in my head is at least 1/3 of the screen ahead of this character. The Light version is by far the faster of the two versions and thus is the only one that is directly comboable from normal attacks. However, this version does significantly lower damage. The Heavy version starts with this character hopping forwards as they bring their axe to bear, giving it a massive 2/3ds of the screen in range. Has some startup Autoguard (High) during the hop, and counts as overhead as well, for opponents that think they can fall asleep on the defensive end of things. Its even somewhat safe on block, which should also prove a nasty surprise! With all these strengths, though, you had better not miss…. An excellent punish move with potentially even higher damage off of a Critical Hit because both versions can Wallbounce.
    • <EX> Gamma Tsunami is based more on the Light version of Earth Chopper in animation, except that where this character's sword contacts the ground a rolling wave of Earth is pushed out, hitting multiple times and even having the power to hit OTG! Meant to be this character's direct answer to fireballs as the wave of earth will negate any projectiles in its path and continuing barreling towards its unfortunate target. Made of multiple projectiles "fired" in sequence, so it will cheerfully plow through a large number of attacks and special abilities. Naturally this is as close to a Ranged Game as this character really gets.
  • Tiger Knee. Actually more based on a move from Battle Fantasia than its similar-looking non-Texas-themed equivalent. This is meant to be the character's preferred movement tool, as it is fast AND safe on block. Allows this character to sneak their way across the screen while still being their big and threatening self. Heavy version goes farther forwards and at a sharper angle than the Light version. Neither one is really safe on block, but punishing is still difficult for many characters.
    • <EX> Texas Knee +, because we do it BIG in Texas. Please note that the lack of the "Charge" tag here is not an error : This character is MEANT to do invincible rush attacks that can reach a fair distance of the screen without charge whatsoever. Good for both landing that larger ranged punish as well as timing your attempt to GTFO from under rushdown tactics. Unfortunately, don't expect that invulnerability to last past the first hitting frame. We ain't letting you have it THAT good.
  • Hoodlum Launcher was last seen saving Metro City with its powerful combo of mixup capabilities. Light version is a hit-grab that can be blocked Low, and the Heavy version is a proper grab. Both of these end with the character doing damage to his enemy, and then disrespectfully tossing them into the air like the trash they are for potential juggles. Naturally this move does minimal damage on its own, but you at least have time to get some followup damage out of it. Or just resets and more harassment. One of those.
  • Bull Horn is the move that pulls all of this "Slow and bulky" game together. Opponent thought they could harass you with jabs until you died? Maybe they thought they could zip around you like a madman because you didn't have your horizontal charge? Or perhaps they aren't quite getting the message about taunting you with their red capes? Well, if you mess with the bull, you get THIS : A move that has nearly instant startup, is FAST on crossing the screen, and at base has some startup invulnerability.. Holding that charge longer causes the charge to do more hits and thus more damage, as well as granting it super armor in varying amounts based on charge level. And it knocks down on hit at higher charge levels too? If your opponent doesn't learn their lesson after just one? That's perfectly fine : Hold both Kick buttons and you are charging two~!
  • Okay, I admit it. This character's Boost, Rampage is not my most original or creative idea. But it seems so effective that it gets the job done. Playing Juggernaut for a moment makes even this character's slower moves more potentially viable, as well as giving them the ability to take some different tacts on offense and defense. And who am I to fix what works?
  • Transformation abilities aren't really too notable, although if you didn't want him to get his Boost on before, you REALLY don't want to now.
  • Survival Knife teaches your opponent about the ultimate secret of fighting with a giant axe : Namely, throwing the axe~! Well, AN axe. A smaller, hand-held one. Naturally this creates a decent-sized projectile that cheerfully buzzsaws across the screen, dealing a hit of damage but mostly taking up space that your opponent would rather not have filled with their person. Holding the button longer gives it more hits and thus more damage-dealing properties, but also causes more hitstun for a poor opponent, meaning that this can be potentially followed up on at higher charge levels. When grounded, the Light version tosses the axe at the opponent's knee level and the Heavy version tosses the axe at the opponent's face. When in the air, the Light version is thrown downwards at a steep angle, and the Heavy version at a Shallow one (Think aerial Stun Edge)
    • <EX> Reflex Roar continues the trend on this character of EX motions not quite being the same as regular ones for some moves. In this case the motion will ACTUALLY Throw the character's axe for a much faster and more threatening projectile. Has faster startup than the normal, but slower recovery means that going for that extra juice in your combo and failing COULD hurt. A LOT.
  • This character in general isn't meant to be the greatest shakes while in the air. Which is where Guillotine Aerial comes in. The character's aerial momentum halts and they speed straight to the ground, axe-first, and opponents dare not be underneath. Again a move that does hefty damage, but is also an overhead. Meant mostly to get this character out of an air war he wants no part in, or to surprise your opponent with heavy damage in a situation where they may have thought they were safe.
  • [DM] Guillotine is based on the Yamazaki move of the same name. As such, the character flies gracefully into the air (well, as gracefully as they can manage) to grab any unlucky opponents close and foolish enough to attempt to fly through their airspace… and then grind them into the dirt on the end of their axe. Startup invincible, a hit-grab that can easily swat nearby opponents on the way up. And delicious, juicy damage on the way down. Who can refuse?
  • [DM] Bionic Arm is the move most directly from this character's Boxing ancestors. Multi-hit, high damage, completely invulnerable for most of its run. Crosses the screen at terrifying speeds. What's not to like? Oh, getting hit by it, that's definitely An Issue.
  • [LIMIT] Tenshou Bakushingeki, for when you're entirely done with your punching bag. Has significantly less range than [DM] Bionic Arm, but that's okay. Once your opponent is uppercuted into the sun for high damage you won't have to worry about such small issues. Simple and effective, right? Also has invulnerability throughout the initial hit and less recovery than the other as well.
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