Air Based Fighter


  • Base : Street Fighter Guile
  • Element : Air / Wind
  • Summon : Kirin (Image)
  • Weapon : Estoc


  • Storm from X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel vs Capcom 3 version
  • Johnny Sfondi from Guilty Gear, Xrd Revelator version
  • Captain Commando from Captain Commando
  • Magneto from X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel vs Capcom 3 version
  • Evil Ryu From Street Fighter, Street Fighter IV version
  • Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear
  • Pyron from Darkstalkers


Quick Movelist

Command Normals

Special Moves

Sonic Boom Charge 4, 6 + Any%20Punch
EM Disruptor Hold Any%20Punch for 1 sec, Release
Flash Kick Charge 2, 8 + Any%20Kick
Zweihander 2nd Any%20Kick
Ryuusokyaku 214 + Any%20Kick (Also In Air)
<EX> Charged Stun Edge Charge 4, 6 + AC (Also In Air)
<EX> Captain Corridor Charge 2, 8 + BD (Also In Air)

Boost Power : AB Lightning Striker

Dash-attacks in up to 5 directions on the ground (default forwards if no direction is held), or in up to 8 directions in the air (also defaulting to forwards without a direction) with a lunging strike attack. Counts as being airborne till recovery, but allows for followup on block or hit with air actions, so long as you have one available. Can only be used once per jump

Transformation Additions

In addition to the basic capabilities : Hunter Chains & +1 Air Action, this character gains

  • Having all charge times halved for its duration.
  • The ability to use Lightning Attack up to 3 times per jump, and to chain Lightning Attack uses together.
  • Blocked normals do chip damage as if they were blocked special attacks.
Lightning Flash Transformed, Charge, 2, 8 + Any%20Punch
Sol Smasher Transformed, In Air, 8 9 6 + Any%20Punch
Aerial Flash Kick Transformed, In Air, Charge 2, 8 + Any%20Kick
Zweihander 2nd Any%20Kick
Jaguar Kick Transformed, In Air, 214 + Any%20Kick
<EX> Fearg Lorg Transformed, Charge, 2, 8 + AC
<EX> EX Sol Smasher Transformed, In Air, 8 9 6 + AC
<EX> Captain Corridor SP Transformed, In Air, Charge 2, 8 + BD

Super Moves

[DM] Maximum Spider 214214 + Any%20Kick (Also In Air)
[DM] Wings of Purgatory Kirin Fire 236236 + Any%20Punch (Also In Air)
[LIMIT] Seraphic Radiance 63214 6 + CD (Also In Air)

"Let me be the blesser of ALL souls..."

Detailed Movelist

Character-Specific Thoughts

This character had a fair bit of a ride compared to some of the others in this set. In a way this was the first finished design I had ready, at least at first, because he was made from two basic ideas. The first of which was that he would be the trainer of the "Shotos" of my game, therefore he would have a moveset that was similar, but not EXACTLY the same. Guile as a character base created a great opportunity to put this into action, and seeing as Guile has been stuck with 3 moves (albeit very POWERFUL ones) for years it was a pretty simple and obvious thing to convert him to also use the Shoto idea of Three Perfect Moves. The problem, however, came in when I was trying to give this character additional abilities to make him feel more of a "Versus-styled" character. Simply put, there was very little to draw on, at least very little that had been tried and felt successful in the long run. Even when you combine Guile AND Charlie you don't really get enough capability together to even make him compete in the more fast-and-loose combat of the Versus games.

So for the longest time this character was kind of stuck in a "Finished" state that felt kind of off compared to his compatriots. I mean, there was a lot set aside for him to DO, just that it didn't feel as interesting as perhaps it could. The EX moves were, oddly, the easiest piece as most of the basic idea for those was to look at SF3 Remy and SF4 Guile to see what didn't work for the character and actually make EX moves that did. It felt most fitting to the way that Guile played, both on offense AND defense, if his Sonic Boom was a multi-hit projectile that moved relatively slowly. In terms od design, this would be an immediate expansion of the way he plays in the oldest games, with his EX Sonic Boom effectively generating new and interesting ways for your opponent to fuck up their games. EX Flash Kicks were even easier, as the Somersault Justice of the old Alpha games pretty much did exactly what a Guile player would want out of an EX Flash Kick to begin with. More invulnerability, more active frames, zero chance for your opponent to dodge it if they were above you and in the air.

Transformations were another matter, and one that I had almost given up on before a certain article on SRK finally popped up. With the revelation that the "perfect" moveset needs to necessarily expand for the different environment of VS, taking its obvious conclusions meant expanding both on his basic set of capabilities as well as giving me ideas for new ones. Suddenly, the zoning and spacing capability of Storm seemed like a perfect fit, giving me more potential moves to work with as well as a few guideposts for where I could build. And so we have this current, kind of odd character. I can already sense some pretty strong potential in him

Highlights of this particular design :

  • Sonic Boom is pretty much as standard as can be for this particular moveset. The light version fireball moves slower than the Heavy version, but both are really good at harassing enemies due to their relatively horizontally wide hitboxes, making jumping over them tricky. And suicidal if the character has a charge. As with the original Guile, there IS a fireball limit in place, preventing you from having more than one of these on the screen at a time. This isn't Rainbow Edition, so ground or air, the Sonic Boom goes forwards.
    • More interesting is the extension E. M. Disruptor, which instead adds startup in order to create a fullscreen beam that hits 3 times and is a bit more neutral on block. Enemies that think they have a way to get around the Sonic Boom madness now need to figure out a new gameplan to stop you from dominating them. Has more recovery, however, so if it isn't blocked you are in serious trouble. Can hold Up or Down during the release to do diagonal beams.
    • <EX> Charged Stun Edge creates a 3-hit projectile that at base moves even SLOWER than the normal Sonic Boom, but is a fair bit vertically wider, and speeds up slowly the longer it is on the screen, making it slightly less predictable. Ignores your Sonic Boom limit, so feel free to toss one of these out to augment your pressure.
  • Flash Kick is another case of things being as it says on the tin. The Heavy version moves further forwards and upwards in angle, but the Light version is slightly faster on the draw and has an extended hitbox behind the user, allowing it to situationally catch crossups. Has a fair amount of invulnerability that goes up past the first active frames. Even more important, the first few attack frames Are AIR UNBLOCKABLE, so enemies had better not bother.
    • Zweihander 2nd is an extension of a different sort. The character creates a lightning bolt that travels from the screen top above their front to the earth below, an air-blockable projectile that knocks down on hit, and does significant damage. This followup is meant to threaten the ENTIRE space below you when you Flash Kick. Just be careful of that slight bit of added recovery. Thank you again, Johnny.
    • <EX> Captain Corridor is a departure from previous iterations of this EX move. It finally occured to me that the only way to really "improve" the flash kick from its already pretty powerful original incarnations would be for it to never leave the ground. And so it was written, and so it shall be. Has a bit of recovery after the gigantic lightning strike that you surround yourself with, but it is still harder to punish than opponents would hope, and devastating to any fools caught in midair above it, since it is Air unblockable.Jumpers better find a better solution quickly before they hold this L.
  • Ryusokyaku is a point that's slightly different from my plan. Simply put, this is Evil Ryu's axe kick. The light version is much, MUCH faster because you can combo into supers off of it, or just use it as a relatively safe harassment technique. Just hope your opponent is paying attention, because the slower Heavy version DOES overhead, and can take an incautious opponent off guard. Both have pretty hefty hitboxes and have the hidden extra benefit of moving the character a significant distance forwards while you get your charges ready. Its only a surprise that this move DOESN'T have an EX form, but it does so much already…
  • This character's Boost has been through many forms, but this one seems the most inherently useful to a character with this moveset. It greatly increases his mobility, gives him the ability to attack while still attempting to hold charges, and can shock and aggravate opponents who don't expect it (possibly literally). The jump limit on it is mostly to ensure that use of it while not transformed remains creative. And the health requirements mean that players also have to learn to be precise with its use or end their flights (and their fights) in disaster.
  • [DM] Maximum Spider is exactly what it says on the tin, and is mostly useful as a way to do big damage in any situation… so long as it isn't blocked.
  • [DM] Wings of Purgatory is a giant, multihit screen-high fireball that is less about doing damage and more about preventing unfortunate circumstances from occurring. Like dropping your Maximum Spider combo, or letting your opponent reset nearby when you don't have to. Get that Counterhit Wallbounce or your Wallstick, get your chance to fly away from danger.
  • [LIMIT] Seraphic Radiance is for when you really just wanted to deep fry your opponent in damaging lightning goodness. It is as easy as motioning to get it as a Limit Cancel, does substantial extra damage. But it is SO MUCH better to do standalone and watch your opponent's lifebar melt away with it. Just… eheh. Don't get hit out of the startup, as the character actually DOES have to fly to the center of the screen before the actual attack activates. Don't forget to use its chip damage to seal the deal at the end of a long match, either.
Transformation Fighter Ideas
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