Acid Based Fighter


  • Base : Street Fighter Sagat
  • Element : Acid
  • Summon : Addu (Image)
  • Weapon : Tri-Section Staff
  • Domains : Water (Death), Chaos, Destruction, Liberation


  • Johnny Sfondi from Guilty Gear, Xrd Revelator version
  • Geese Howard from Fatal Fury
  • Yuzuriha from Under Night In Birth
  • Cyclohm from Battle Capacity
  • Testament From Guilty Gear


Quick Movelist

Command Normals

Special Moves

Reppuken 236 + Any%20Punch
Mist Finer 214 + Any%20Punch
Shippuken In Air, 236 + Any%20Punch
Air Mist Finer In Air, 214 + Any%20Punch
Badlands 214 + Any%20Kick (Also In Air)
<EX> Maragi SP 236 + A C (Also In Air)
<EX> Multilayered Ring 214 + B D (Also In Air)

Boost Power : AB Acidic Aura

Poses for a moment, gaining a life-draining aura about a character's width around him. You can expend a portion of this aura's duration by using Reppuken, Shippuken, or Mist Finer attacks, which grants the attack increased hit areas, extra damage-dealing hits, and the ability to cause Poison status on hit. Aura lasts 5 seconds, with special move boosting costing 2 seconds each time.

Transformation Additions

In addition to the basic capabilities : Hunter Chains & +1 Air Action, this character gains

  • Special Attacks now all cause Poison on hit
  • Boosted Specials now steal small amounts of Cool/Super Meter on hit
  • Boosted Specials now cause Poison block as well, but for a reduced duration
  • Boosted Specials can now have their recovery cancelled into other specials.
Sentimental Typhoon Transformed, Close, 41236 + Any%20Kick
Cheer & Fire Transformed, 623 + Any%20Punch
Sungan no Mukae 2 2 + Any%20Punch (Also In Air)
<EX> Whirlwind Transformed, 41236 + B D


[DM] God's Hand 214214 + Any%20Punch
[DM] Tiger Cannon 236236 + Any%20Punch (Also In Air)
[LIMIT] Deadly Rave '96 Leviathan Awaits 632146 + C D

No, I'm not salty at all about mah Limits. Not in the least. (such lies)

Detailed Movelist

  • Forwards Walkspeed : 55
  • Backwards Walkspeed : 44
  • Forwards Dash Type : Dash
    • Forwards Dash Speed : 60
  • Backdash Type : Dash
    • Backwards Dash Speed : 48

Character-Specific Thoughts

For this character, the beginning was easy enough. Sagat needs his Tiger Shots, so I started with high and low projectiles. Reppuken from Geese Howard was almost an obvious choice because of that. It had the sorts of properties and fearsome reputation that seemed to match Sagat's, and worked exceptionally well when I went back to research what made Low Tiger Shot in particular a fearsome part of O. Sagat in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. At first I was considering a high shot in Azure Edge, and when thinking about the Tiger Knee and its particular peculiar properties, I remembered Testament, and thus Gravedigger was brought in as an equivalent of sorts. Originally the plan I had was to make both fireballs their own unique EX move, with Azure Edge becoming a variation on Doom's Photon Shot, and the Reppuken becoming the more trap-like Maragi. This, while it seemed like a workable plan in my head, felt kind of BORING. And then I jokingly took on the idea of turning the Azure Edge into more of a long-ranged attack. This, plus shifting the EX move to being a variation on Gravedigger made me exceptionally more happy with the way things "looked" in my head, and served as a fair bit of mental inspiration.

Super Moves for this character were actually pretty simple. Tiger Cannon was chosen because both High and Low variants have been pretty useful tools for him regardless of game. Again, the low variant has been a tad bit MORE useful… or maybe that's because it existed in fewer games. Ah, well. God's Hand from Chie Satonaka keeps the spaced hit area and Overhead property of its source, making it work both as a damaging combo ender as well as a way to punish players whose approach is less than solid. The Limit Break was a bit more of a trick, but came to me almost in a flash. As the name suggests, I envisioned the character, as if a Call of Cthuhlu cultist, out in the rain summoning an Elder Thing to devour his opponent. Still totally not bitter at all that about 2 weeks later a GGXrd Instant Kill just happens to have similar design theming. ¬.¬ But anyway, starting out with a shoulder check and several attacks as a way to unbalance the opponent and summon the storm was a particular piece of the original idea that I liked, as well as the Addu rising from a sunset ocean to devour the enemy… or to bat them away with his tail if you messed up.

Important pieces of this design include :

  • Ground Mist Finer Light is aimed 6, and the Heavy version is 9. Both Grounded versions are Air-Unblockable.
  • Air Mist Finer Light is aimed 6, and the Heavy version is aimed 3. Heavy version counts as an overhead, but both versions are air-blockable.
  • Shippuken Light aims 3, but slightly shallow, while Shippuken Heavy aims so steep that the fireball is almost travelling 2. Both versions cause a slight bit of extra momentum away from the fireball, making guessing your final trajectory tricky.
  • <EX> Maragi SP is so special because it creates a REALLY SLOW-moving fireball that, upon getting close enough horizontally to the target, explodes into a vertical wave of acidic water. Hits grounded targets 3 times, with the FIRST attack of the fireball hitting LOW, so opponents have to be cautious about it. Recovers from throwing it about the same speed as normal, making it a great "fire and forget" weapon. The aerial version has the super steep angle of the Heavy version, and if it collides with the ground turns into the ground-travelling version and continues going. Or it collides with a target mid-air and gets its three hits right then.
  • <EX> Multilayered Ring has somewhat faster startup and a large projectile hitbox that it leaves behind to launch foes, so its usually a good addition to your plan to kick all invaders out of your space.
  • As its setup suggests, Sentimental Typhoon is a close-ranged grab. Sends an enemy you catch with it flying by a convenient waterspout, where you can juggle them with other attacks on their way down. A good move on its own to surprise opponents with
  • Cheer & Fire and Sungan no Mukae are a paired set of moves. The first covers the space immediately above the user with damaging energies, which is both useful in and of itself and distracts the opponent from the fact that you have now gained a use of Sungan no Mukae.
    • Sungan no Mukae is probably better known to other players as Doom's Hidden Missiles, only modified to both be a tad faster and to make it harder to get multiple missiles loaded up. Your missiles hit grounded targets Overhead and pull aerial targets downwards, hopefully back into your blender of varied projectiles. Combined with your other moves, foes can't expect to escape damaging powers.
  • <EX> Whirlwind is the big surprise, however. It generates swirling winds that surround the character as they move forwards a few short steps. The winds are screen-high and thus require a superjump to clear. Furthermore, the entire wind-area is a hitbox that grabs and throws whatever was silly enough to be in its path. Sadly for the character, not actually invulnerable, just hard to hit and impossible to challenge from the air.
  • [DM] God's Hand splats the opponent with a tailfin-shaped wave of water. Light version attacks closer, at about 1/3 screen away, whereas the Heavy version does more damage, but hits at the halfscreen mark. Both versions count as overheads.
  • Grounded [DM] Tiger Cannon has two variants, a Low (Done with A) version, and a High (Done with C) version. In my head its low version involves a cutting fin and an open eel mouth, whereas the High version is more arcing, like a toothy acidic piranha leaping out of the ocean to maul you. Both knock down on hit. Low version does less damage in trade for actually hitting low, whereas the High version is faster to come out.
  • [LIMIT] Leviathan Awaits is a rushing attack, in a break from this character's normal M.O. It travels about halfscreen at a decent speed and has startup invulnerability that covers it for about half of that range, making it a VERY effective countering tool for when the opponent finally DOES manage to make it through your wall of projectiles and other attendant effects. If you miss with it, though, it has a fairly hefty recovery time, so at least make sure this is blocked or else.
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